Chapter 1:   The road to 9/11 (the decade 1990-2001)
Chapter 2:   Establishing the official account on 9/11
Chapter 3:   No evidence of Muslim hijackers
Chapter 4:   The “hijackers” preferred worldly delights to paradise
Chapter 5:   Were the “hijackers” secretive?
Chapter 6:   Were the “hijackers” sophisticated?
Chapter 7:   How was the wreckage linked to specific aircraft?
Chapter 8:   Can aircraft engines vaporize?
Chapter 9:   Can aircraft continue flying past crash time?
Chapter 10: What was reported in phone calls from the aircraft?
Chapter 11: What caused the disintegration of the Twin Towers?
Chapter 12: Was the collapse of WTC-7 a smoking gun?
Chapter 13: How was public fear amplified on and after 9/11?
Chapter 14: How was 9/11 investigated?
Chapter 15: How were victims’ families induced to ask no questions?
Chapter 16: Terrorism in the shadow of military exercises
Chapter 17: The revolutionary potential of 9/11 truth
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List of acronyms
End notes