Confirmed revelations (for the first time in print)

America’s Betrayal Confirmed

• The US elite looked frantically for a new enemy to replace the Red Menace
• The new enemy had be credible and lasting
• Bin Laden's alleged threat was cooked by U.S. media for three years prior to 9/11

• 9/11 victims' families were paid big money to keep quiet
• Rich victims' families received more money than poor families

• The FBI had the "hijackers" under constant surveillance before 9/11
• The FBI knew two hours after the attacks how the "hijackers" looked like
• The FBI knew in the afternoon of 9/11 where in Florida religious "Mohamed Atta" had been boozing
•"Mohamed Atta" tried to convince a government official that Osama bin Laden is a great man
•"Hijackers" booked post-death air flights (should they decide to return from paradise) 
• "Mohamed Atta's" bags were deliberately left in Boston airport for the FBI
• The "hijackers" loved to be seen by American police and visit government offices.

• Security cameras at the impacted side of the Pentagon were dysfunctional on 9/11
• The fire-alarm system in WTC-7 was disabled three hours before the attacks 

• Dozens of fake bomb scares during September 2001 served to maintain public fear of terrorism

• The sole worldwide convicted "accomplice" of 9/11 was a peaceful, graceful and innocent man