Elias Davidsson: America’s Betrayal Confirmed 

9/11: Purpose, Cover-up and Impunity

If you consider yourself resistant to propaganda and political manipulation, this book is for you. The book offers precisely what its title states: It exposes and confirms the betrayal of the American people by its leaders in relation to the attacks of 11 September 2001. It constitutes a thorough, compact and state-of-the-art reference guide to this crime against humanity, its political purpose, its cover-up and the failure of bringing its authors to justice. The approach is forensic and fact-oriented. The book is the result of over 18 years of research. It is modular in structure and backed-up by nearly 1,000 notes that refer solely to open official and mainstream sources. Readers are provided a one-click access to most sources. The book is designed to serve as a solid informational basis for committed citizens, teachers, journalists, lawyers, graduate students, academics and decision-makers. Grab a copy for your library!

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